Treasure Coast Connector Routes Now Available Via App

The Treasure Coast Connector is now mobile – in a digital way. St. Lucie County’s community transit routes can be located via the mobile app Route Shout.

Route Shout app

Available through various mobile stores, including Apple and Android, Route Shout provides access to Treasure Coast Connector bus stops and route information as well as live tracking of buses.

Direct Connect Program

An After Hours Transportation program for Education, Employment & Medical purposes. Please click the link below for more program guideline and application information.

Direct Connect Program Guidelines

Direct Connect Application and Instructions

Transit Documents

Transit Fare Free Analysis

St. Lucie County Transit Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

Real-Time Bus Routes - Bus Schedule - Bicycle



This mobile-friendly interactive map provides real-time bus route information. Know exactly when your bus is arriving or if your bus is running behind.

Bus Route Schedules - All times are approximate. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before listed times.

 Route1  Route 2  Route 3 Route 4 
 Route 5  Route 6  Route 7  

Helpful links:

Need to find your bus and bus stop?

The link below shows all the bus stops for the Treasure Coast Connector, By locating your desired stop on the Rider Guide Supplement 2017, you will be able to access the arrival and departure times of the bus via RouteShout  

Rider Guide Supplement 2017

Bus Accessible Attractions in St. Lucie County

Need to load a bicycle onto the bus?

The link below is a generic guide on how to put your bike on the bus’s bike rack.

How to Load a Bicycle onto the Bus


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