Youth Education Programs

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Family Adventures

More information coming soon! For specific inquiries, please call (772) 579-1266.

School Programs

We have a variety of programs to fit your needs. Check the list below to see what the best fit for your group is. Due to a high level of interest and limited space in our programs we recommend booking your program well in advance. We also request 48 hours-notice if you need to cancel the program for any reason.  We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule programs due to inclement weather or any unavoidable conflicts.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve all programs.

Many of our programs are undergoing changes. For specific inquiries, please call (772) 785-5833 for more information.

Field Trips

Field trips are held Tuesday- Thursday, starting at 10:00am and lasting 2-2.5 hours. Programs held at the Oxbow Eco-Center can accommodate a maximum of 40 students.

Programs are $3 per student.(Note: Title 1 schools can apply for free busing through St. Lucie County School Board. Inquire with your administrator.)Groups are welcome to bring lunches to eat on-site after the program. We ask that all garbage is ‘packed out’ when you leave.


3rd Grade: Cycles in Nature

Explore the many cycles in nature with hands-on activities. Topics covered include life cycle, water cycle, nutrient cycle and solid waste (recycle).

4th Grade: Pines & Pioneers

Take a trip into the past, and learn how pioneers used pine and other native plants in their everyday lives.

5th Grade: Wandering through a Watershed

Learn about our unique St Lucie River watershed and how it connects us all. Explore the many ways the river influences our daily lives, and how our actions can have unintended consequences!

What to Bring with You on Your Field Trip

  • Chaperones– 1 chaperone per 10 students
  • Proper walking shoes (we recommend closed-toe and closed-heel)
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A love for learning and sense of adventure!


Let us bring the field trip to you!  We offer several in-school programs, including live animal presentations.  Programs generally run 45-50 minutes, and we can hold up to 3 sessions per day with 60 students per session.

 The cost of these programs are:

  • $165 for 1 session (up to 60 students or $2.75/student)
  • $280 for 2 sessions (up to 120 students or $2.33/student)
  • $395 for 3 sessions (up to 180 students or $2.20/student)

Current Program offerings:

  • All About Reptiles—Learn the truth about these often misunderstood animals. From flicking their tongue to shedding their skin students will learn characteristics of these animals and what makes each one of them unique. Featured animals may include a ball python, bearded dragon or other reptile friends.
  • Mammals: You & Me—What makes an animal a mammal? Students will be introduced to mammals that call Florida home, and learn which mammals are predators and which are prey.Students will be able to compare mammal skulls, as well as fur, and learn how each species is adapted to living in Florida. This exciting and interactive program introduces students to their fellow warm-blooded vertebrates.
  • Mosquito Madness—You may think of mosquitoes as annoying pests that bite you and leave itchy bumps behind. But there’s more to their story. Explore their amazing life cycle and learn to protect yourself from these blood thirsty insects.
  • Seminoles: The Native American People—Students will learn about the history of the Seminole tribe in Florida; how they lived and what natural items they used for food, shelter and medicine.