Kings Highway and Indrio Road Intersection Improvements

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Project Information

Project Name: Kings Highway at Indrio Road Intersection Improvements

St. Lucie County Project No. 0534                                          Project Manager

Department: Publics Works – Engineering Division                  Michael Halter, P.E.

FDOT Jurisdiction: SLC, District 4                                           Direct: (772) 462-2719 w Main: (772) 462-1707


Project Summary:  Improvements to the Kings Highway at the intersection of Indrio Road.  Kings Highway will be expanded to a four-lane divided highway with designated buffered bicycle lanes and pedestrian facilities.  Indrio Road will be improved immediately West and East of the intersection with dual thru lanes to accept the traffic turning movements off of Kings Highway.  The intersections of Indrio Road at the Lakewood Park Elementary School will have designated left and right turning movements.  For pedestrians, the project includes the construction of a 12-foot wide shared use path along the west side of Kings Highway from the intersection south and along Indrio Road from the intersection west past the Lakewood Park Elementary School to Seminole Road.  Six-foot wide sidewalk will be constructed everywhere else, within the limits of construction. 

 Project Benefits:  Improved traffic flow thru the intersection and a safer facility for bicyclist and pedestrians.  All the improvements are consistent with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) 2012 Kings Highway and 2002 Indrio Road Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Studies.  The intersection will be reconstructed to function at an acceptable level of service for the next 20 years. 

Construction: $17.8 Million Dollars

Notice-to-Proceed: June 12, 2017

Construction Duration: 24 months, weather permitting

Opening Date: Spring 2019

Intersection Exhibit:The project is funded through a Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The Department will cover roughly 50 Percent of the costs associated with the project.

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Project Update: October 20, 2017

Hurricane Irma has impacted the project schedule, as production work did not occur for two (2) weeks.  Recently an FPL transmission support pole, previously located on SLC School District property and purchased by FDOT for required Indrio Road ROW, is in conflict with the proposed roadway improvements.  As the various parties including but not limited to the County, FDOT and FPL review and discuss the responsible entity required to pay for the costs associated with the relocation of the support pole, the County has requested the contractor to move forward with the coordination of the design efforts associated with the relocation of the FPL support pole.  Additionally, the Contractor has applied to DEP for a dewatering permit.  The DEP has identified a contamination site at the Chevron gas station, adjacent to the project.  The review process is currently in progress and more information is forthcoming.   The dry detention pond adjacent to the north side of Indrio between Ft. Pierce Boulevard and Lakewood Park Drive has been excavated and graded.  Furthermore, embankment fill and pipe placement for the roadway adjacent to the dry retention pond continues. The contractor continues to excavate the large stormwater pond along the east side of Kings Highway stockpiling material adjacent to the CVS Pharmacy property line. Additionally, embankment fill and pipe placement for the roadway adjacent to the dry retention pond continues. Inspections of the box culvert sections at the casting yard in Astatula, Florida continues and a shipping schedule has been initiated. Construction of the project is anticipated to take two (2) years and is anticipated to be completed the summer of 2019.