Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone #218

The Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #218 is located within St. Lucie County on Florida’s east coast approximately 120 miles north of Miami, 140 miles south of Daytona Beach, 100 miles east of Orlando, 75 miles west of the Bahamas and in close proximity to Cuba. The boundaries of this Foreign Trade Zone consist of 1,588 acres within four specific locations of the County.

FTZ #218 was created in 1996 under the name “Central Florida Foreign Trade Zone #218”. It consists of 4 areas available for manufacturing, industrial, supplier, warehouse distribution, storage, logistics and assembly to encourage import/export activity. The FTZ is operated through a Board of Directors with a purpose of enhancing the local economy and encouraging foreign trade within the County by assisting companies in generating economic activity and increasing local employment.

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Under authority granted by the U.S. Government, Foreign Trade Zone No. 218, a user-funded, Florida non-profit corporation, provides a competitive advantage to companies involved in international trade through deferral, reduction or elimination of U.S. Customs Duties. It is the mission of the St. Lucie County foreign trade zone to promote and apply these advantages for the purpose of attracting and retaining businesses to create employment and further economic activity on the Treasure Coast.

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?
A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a secured, restricted and enclosed area that is in or adjacent to a U.S. port of entry outside of customs territory of the United States where Customs and Border Protection (CBP) entry procedures do not apply.  A FTZ is a duty-free port regulated by U.S. Customs where companies can bring into the United States raw materials of finished goods, which they can store, assemble, repackage, grade, manufacture or re-export without paying duty or do all of the above and import into the U.S. at a deferred duty expense.

In addition, most Foreign Trade Zones are:
• Located in secured industrial parks or specialized warehouses.
• Located close to a Port of Entry.
• Considered to be outside of U.S. Customs Territory.
• Operated as a public entity.

What are the Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone?
Eligible companies are able to use Foreign Trade Zones to reduce trade related operational costs associated with their U.S. based activity.

A few of the FTZ benefits include:
• Combine foreign and domestic merchandise for re-export.
• Exemption of taxes.
• Savings on loss of inventory (waste, scrap, defective merchandise, spillage, evaporation).
• Avoid customs penalties for improper documentation.
• Non-dutiability of U.S. labor, overhead and profit.
• Increase efficiency of customs.
• Storage of merchandise awaiting Quota openings.
• Reduction of insurance cost.

Who are FTZ Users?
Companies who import merchandise, bulk materials, aggregate, parts, and the like that may be assembled, manufactured, manipulated, sorted, repaired, cleaned, inspected, distributed, repacked, stored, and destroyed within the FTZ boundaries.

What is the Treasure Coast FTZ #218 User Application Fee?
An FTZ user fee is assessed by the United States Department of Commerce: Foreign Trade Zone Board based upon the following activity use schedule within the Treasure Coast FTZ #218 boundaries:


Use Fee Description Fee

General purpose zone:


$ 3,200

Special purpose subzone:

Non –Manufacturing / Processing or less than three products

$ 4,000

Manufacturing/processing three or more products

$ 6,500

Zone expansions:


$ 1,600

Treasure Coast FTZ # 218 Board of Directors

Tom Babcock, Chairman

Bill Wilcox

Jane Rowley

John Griffin

Robert Rovinski

Treasure Coast FTZ #218 Site Locations

1. St. Lucie County International Airport and Adjacent Airport Industrial Park – consists of 1,063 acres with ample warehouse, hangar, and secure office space located 10 minutes from the Port of Fort Pierce, Interstate 95 and the Florida Turnpike.

2. Crossroads Commerce Park – consists of 15 acres with ample warehouse and secure office space located within blocks of Interstate 95 and the Florida Turnpike and 15 minutes from the airport.

3. Kings Highway Industrial Park - consists of 102 acres of ample warehouse and secure office space located within 5 minutes of Interstate 95, the Florida Turnpike and the airport.

4. St. Lucie West Commerce Park – consists of 408 acres with ample warehouse, manufacturing, and secure office space located along Interstate 95 and within 5 minutes of the Florida Turnpike. 

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Click maps below to view St. Lucie County’s Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone sites.

Treasure Coast Foreign North Airport

Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone Crossroad

Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone St Lucie West Commerce


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