Incentives for Business

As one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, St. Lucie County continues to attract and retain a quality workforce. The Board of County Commissioners is committed to creating a business friendly-environment and assist through its economic development incentives program. Such incentives are available to business activities that are identified on the County's adopted Targeted Industry List (PDF) and include: Job Growth Investment Grant, Ad Valorem Tax Exemption, expedited site plan review and fast track permitting, impact fee mitigation and application fee waivers.  

Job Growth Investment Grant - St. Lucie County offers this job creating grant for existing and new businesses. The Board may grant awards in the range of $1,500 to $3,000 per new job with a minimum of 10 new jobs created.  A salary requirement of 107% of the County's current hourly wage must also be met.
Job Growth Investment Grant Process & Application (PDF)

Ad Valorem Tax Abatement - The County offers an Ad Valorem Tax Abatement for existing or new business expansions that create new jobs. This exemption is applied to improvements that a business makes to its property such as a new building or equipment purchased in connection with relocating or expanding. The exemption can be granted for up to 10 years. The length of the exemption is based upon the number of jobs created, the wage rate and the amount of capital investment. A new business must create at least 10 manufacturing jobs or 25 jobs if non-manufacturing and have a sales force of at least 50% outside of Florida.
Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Application (PDF)

Expedited Site Plan Review and Fast Track Permitting - Expedited site plan review and fast track permitting is available through the Planning & Development Services Department for proposed new businesses that will create long term jobs within the County. Retail and residential development are not eligible for this process.

Impact Fee Mitigation - Mitigation of County imposed impact fees are also available for targeted industries. This includes reduced and waived fees based upon the number of jobs created, average wage and the amount of the capital investment.
Impact Fee Mitigation Agreement information(PDF)     

State Incentives Overview -   The Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County partners with Enterprise Florida and St. Lucie County in providing technical assistance with state incentive applications for expanding businesses as well. For assistance, please contact: