Success Stories

Boat BuildingThe commitment of Torrey Pines Institute, the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, and the Mann Research Center has spearheaded the development of St. Lucie County's Life Science Cluster. In working with the Economic Development Council, these institutions form the epicenter of Florida's Life Science Cluster. With Scripps Florida to the south in Palm Beach County and Burnham Institute in Orlando to the north, St. Lucie County will continue to serve as the hub for life sciences companies. 

TropicanaThe Tradition Center for Innovations in Port St. Lucie provides the backdrop for the relocation of several companies involved in life sciences including bio-medical research and technology. In addition, regional economic development efforts  are also promoted through the Florida Research Coast (FRC) ( The FRC is comprised of four Economic Development Councils (EDCs) along the Treasure Coast that assist in coordinating regional job creation through the collaborative work of the EDCs.  
QVCMajor companies that have located to St. Lucie County include: QVC, Liberty Pharmaceutical, Torrey Pines, VGTI, and Tropicana. Existing business expansions include: Scripps, Allen Supply, Oxford Management, and Twin Vee Boats.